7 Facts about Penis Jelqing

One thing men have always wanted is a larger penis.

The doctor recommended thing to do is to try jelq strokes for natural penis enlargement.

Jelqing is among the most effective penile enlargement methods used by men to enhance their manhood. This technique has been around for quite a while, and most tribes have been using jelqing techniques in their ritual long before the practice was modernized. This has made jelqing one of the more genuine forms of penile enlargement.

  1. How is it done?
    Jelqing is done by repeatedly massaging and milking the penis using your hands. The strokes start from the base dragging the blood in the penile vessels to the tip of the penis. This is done repeatedly using both hands. One session can take anywhere between 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the type of jelqing program you’re using. If you do this for several weeks, you’ll start realizing some changes in the length and girth of your penis.
  2. How much size can this penis jelqing technique give you?
    When it comes to jelqing, the number of times you jelq determines how much you can gain. Moreover, this increase is not only lengthwise; you’ll also notice some increase in girth as well. The size gained depends on an individual and how frequently he performs the exercises. You’ll start noticing changes after jelqing for several months. If you want to experience faster gains, consider using jelqing guide or subscribing to a jelqing program. These resources will guide you on the dos and don’ts of this technique. Some of them also come with a few extra exercises which also contribute to size gain.
  3. Does it Jelqing actually work?
    It’s of no doubt that this technique works. Many men have testified of how this exercise has helped them increase the size of their manhood. Jelqing works, but it needs lots of patience and consistency since you’ll start noticing results after 2-6 months.
  4. Which type of equipment is needed?
    Jelqing neither uses penile exercise machines nor pumps; it only needs your hands and lubrication. Apart from these two, you’ll also need a detailed guide that has instructions on how to exercise.
  5. Isn’t Jelqing similar to masturbating?
    No. Although this exercise resembles masturbation, jelqing is done on a semi-erect penis, making it easier to control the process compared to when you’re in a full erection. Jelqing requires a semi-erect penis, and you can always slow down whenever your penis is fully erect.
  6. How long does it take before noticing results?
    As mentioned above, most men start noticing results after 2-6 months, although other men start noticing results after a few weeks. Most men also continue doing this exercise to achieve better gains.
  7. Is Penis Jelqing safe?
    Penis jelqing is an all-natural method of penile enlargement, and it’s very safe as long as you use lubricants and avoid massaging your penis too hard.

Also remember that Jelqing is just like any other exercise. Jelqing needs a warm-up session before beginning your jelqing routine. Start by massaging your penis until its semi-erect. Then soak a cloth in Luke warm water and wrap it around your manhood. Let it remain there for at least two minutes. Repeat the process thrice before you start jelqing.
It’s easy to notice how Jelqing has become very popular in the past years. So instead of asking yourself whether this method works, I’d suggest that you try it out by yourself and be the judge! After all, experience is the best teacher.