Hear how, with your help, we continue to move closer to mandatory labelling becoming a reality. Continue to Ask for Choice by sending a message to the Minister of Food Safety David Bennett.… Read More

Today we sent a final letter to the MInisters before they meet in Adelaide on Friday, 28 April.   To the Ministers of the ‘Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation’ Re: Recommendation 12 on fats and oils (mandatory labelling of vegetable oils) Dear Ministers, With another meeting of the Forum now imminent, I am writing on… Read More

While we don’t have as clear an outcome as we would have liked, palm oil labelling has progressed. We have just had word that the ‘Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation’ has agreed to progress development of a policy for clear labelling of vegetable oils but they chose against initiating the formal policy process as we… Read More

  Public health professionals and groups have come out strongly in favour of clearer labelling of vegetable oils and have signed their support in an open letter to Ministers of the Ministerial Forum that will be deciding whether mandatory labelling of vegetable oils should proceed to the final stages of policy development. Some of the signatories… Read More

Last week, Wellington Zoo hosted Unmask Palm Oil for a series of talks. In the evening session we were joined by Celia Wade Brown, Mayor of Wellington City Council who has formally committed the Council to lobbying for mandatory labelling of vegetable oils  … Read More

Unmask Palm Oil has teamed up alongside seventeen leading Zoo-based conservation and wildlife organisations across Australia and New Zealand to urgently drive the transition to Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) to protect the homes of endangered species like orangutan and tigers. We have launchd the Responsible Palm Oil Network, with the release of a Position Statement calling… Read More

New Zealand’s major zoos have joined the call for mandatory labelling of palm oil by throwing their support behind Unmask Palm Oil with our Ask for Choice campaign. Take action at www.unmaskpalmoil.com/takeaction… Read More