MEDIA RELEASE Monday, 15 August 2016 New Zealand’s four major zoos are throwing their support behind Unmask Palm Oil in a campaign that’s calling on Kiwis to join them in demanding clear labelling of palm oil on all food products. Ahead of a key vote on labelling being held on 25 November, the ‘Ask for… Read More

MEDIA RELEASE Friday, 27 May 2016 from Unmask Palm Oil and Zoos Victoria The majority of New Zealand and Australians agree that palm oil should be labelled on food products and expect their Governments to mandate it according to recent polling. The dual-nation poll by UMR and commissioned by Zoos Victoria showed 92% of New… Read More

After an extremely frustrating set of delays, the ‘Australian and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation’ has committed to November/December 2016 as the meeting date for when they will decide whether mandatory labelling of vegetable oils will progress. We will be working towards this date to ensure that the Ministers know exactly why we… Read More

  We are always impressed with the actions of the schools that we work with and Sylvia Park School is one of our best. After Ben came to speak with them they organised their own sustainable lunch, taught others in the school about the campaign and raised over $700 for the campaign. Great stuff!… Read More

The Palm Oil symposium in Sydney brought together 15 of the biggest organisations working in the palm oil space. Was great to see such strong support for labelling from so many organisations… Read More

Four years ago on July the 16th, this was us starting the campaign! While we have recently had to put up with some frustrating delays, we can’t wait for consumers to be given the information they deserve.… Read More

Unmask Palm Oil is the Australasian campaign for mandatory labelling of palm oil, the campaign works across Australia and New Zealand to bring about clearer labelling of palm oil for social, health and environmental reasons. Unmask Palm Oil is currently seeking short term  assistance with website development and graphic design work. While these are separate… Read More