7.00 am August 25th 2013

Press release from Unmask Palm Oil

The Maori Party have announced their support for clearer labelling of palm oil joining a growing list of political parties. Maori Party Co-leader, Tariana Turia has also written to the Minister of Food Safety, Nikki Kaye urging her to reconsider her position on mandatory labelling of palm oil.

Campaign Coordinator, Ben Dowdle says, “New Zealand has weak labelling standards that have allowed companies to hide palm oil in their products under generic and scientific names. This is confusing for consumers that are trying to avoid the environmentally destructive ingredient.”

“A simple change to our labelling laws would mean companies would have to specify which oils they are using in their products. We welcome the support of the Maori Party and hope this will put pressure on Nikki Kaye to reconsider her stance.”

In her letter to Nikki Kaye, Tariana Turia writes “We are particularly concerned about the impact of deforestation on indigenous communities who have become displaced from their homelands, and of course the environmental effects of this activity… We believe that consumers should have the opportunity to make ethical decisions when purchasing everyday products.”

The Maori Party join New Zealand First and the Greens in their support for clearer labelling of palm oil. Labour are yet to make a formal announcement.

Unmask Palm Oil will present its’ petition to parliament this Thursday 29th August at 12.30 pm