After an extremely frustrating set of delays, the ‘Australian and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation’ has committed to November/December 2016 as the meeting date for when they will decide whether mandatory labelling of vegetable oils will progress.

We will be working towards this date to ensure that the Ministers know exactly why we need this change to happen. Polling is showing incredible levels of public support for this change, companies are ready and waiting, public health organisations are calling for it and environmental organisations across Australia and New Zealand have united to call for Recommendation 12 to happen.

Recommendation 12 – Where sugars, fats or vegetable oils are added as separate ingredients in a food, the terms ‘added sugars’ and ‘added fats’ and/or ‘added vegetable oils’ be used in the ingredient list as the generic term, followed by a bracketed list … added fats (palm oil, milk fat) or added vegetable oils (sunflower oil, palm oil);

You can take action by sending a letter to your Minister on the Forum by clicking ‘Take Action’ on our website