Unmask Palm Oil has teamed up alongside seventeen leading Zoo-based conservation and wildlife organisations across Australia and New Zealand to urgently drive the transition to Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) to protect the homes of endangered species like orangutan and tigers.

We have launchd the Responsible Palm Oil Network, with the release of a Position Statement calling for urgent action from companies and consumers alike. Orang-utans are one of many species threatened by habitat loss driven by unsustainable palm oil, with the Bornean Orang-utan recently joining their cousins, the Sumatran Orang-utan on the list as Critically Endangered.

Our aim is to mobilise the community, work with Australasian manufacturers to move to 100% segregated certified sustainable Palm Oil use, introduce clear palm oil labelling and support the genuine achievements of companies who are leading the market.

The organisations include the Jane Goodall Institute, the Zoo and Aquarium Association Australasia, the Borneo Orang-utan Society, Orang-utan Foundation International Australia, Orang-utan Land Trust and the Orang-utan Project.

You can read the full Joint Statement at Responsible Palm Oil Network