About Our Medical Mission

Unmask Palm Oil is the Australasian medical campaign for the mandatory labelling of palm oil. We aim to bring our labelling legislation up to the same standard as the rest of the Western world so that consumers can demand the use of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO).

Palm oil is a widely used vegetable oil found in approximately half of all packaged foods. When not properly managed, palm oil plantations can cause tremendous social and environmental degradation leading to species loss, indigenous human rights abuses, carbon emissions and health issues. However, not all palm oil is bad which is why we support the use of palm oil from well managed palm oil plantations that don’t cause deforestation. Unmask Palm Oil strongly opposes boycotts of palm oil.

In order to demand sustainable palm oil, we need to know what products even use it. Due to weak Australasian labelling laws, palm oil is labelled generically as just vegetable oil, making it almost impossible for consumers to even know if palm oil is in the product in the first place, let alone if it is certified as sustainable. Labelling is a proven tool to increase the usage of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

The change would involve the specific labelling of all oils as is standard practice in the European Union, Canada and the United States. This would allow consumers to distinguish between oils in order to make better choices for their health, would bring our labelling laws closer to our trading partners and result in better consumer choices.

Labelling will be decided upon by a Minister from each federal, state and territorial Government of Australia and New Zealand on November 25, 2016. If successful, the proposal will progress to the next stage of policy development before a final vote at a later date.

We work closely with companies, governments, not for profits, zoos and special interest groups to advocate for this change. We believe that information is power and with clear information on food labels, consumers will be able to demand more ethical and healthy products.